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Private "Stache" by The Mustache Barista

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Roast: Medium


Step into a world where the smooth and luxurious dance harmoniously with the rich and creamy—a world where our Vanilla Coffee reigns supreme, an ode to sophistication in every sip. Imagine a coffee crafted to perfection, boasting a velvety richness and an unrivaled smoothness that'll entice even the most discerning of palates.

Delve into this symphony of flavors—sublime vanilla intricately woven into each batch of our small-batch roasted coffee. From the first tantalizing sip to the last lingering note, experience a journey where silky, well-rounded vanilla nuances blend seamlessly with the bold character of our meticulously selected beans.

The magic begins with our specialty-grade, single-origin coffee—a canvas awaiting the artistry of our small-batch roasting process. Each batch, carefully tended to, reaches a harmonious medium, setting the stage for the infusion of flavor. Enter the realm of perfection as warm, freshly roasted beans embrace high-quality flavoring oils, imparting the essence of natural vanilla while preserving the integrity of our coffee's character.



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