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Private "Stache" by The Mustache Barista

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Ultra-Premium Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee! Grown exclusively in the fertile soils of Guatemala, these single-origin beans embark on a daring adventure, spending 30 days nestled in Bourbon barrels, absorbing the rich, spirited essence without a drop of alcohol content. Yes we said that right NON-AlCOHOLIC 

Crafted for the coffee aficionado with a penchant for luxury, each bean emerges from its barrel sanctuary and journeys straight into our roaster. Here, they are meticulously roasted to order, infusing every cup with an extraordinary symphony of flavors.

Embrace the allure of aged oak, warm vanilla bean, and the delicate dance of whiskey tones, carefully entwined with the essence of Guatemala's finest beans. Savor the exquisite depth and richness that only time and craftsmanship can bestow.

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