Suaka & Mustache Barista: Empowering Coffee Culture Amid Challenges


Hey coffee lovers and conservation advocates, it's the Mustache Barista, founder of and I'm thrilled to share our recent collaboration amidst some unexpected hurdles we've encountered in our mission. has been dedicated to safeguarding Bali's Luwak species and championing ethical coffee practices. However, administrative delays in visas and licenses slowed our progress. But our commitment remains resolute.

To ensure our mission thrives, has partnered with, sharing our values and passion. This collaboration allows us to sustain our efforts even during this transitional phase.

At, we're steadfast in our support for Bali's farmers, promoting ethical practices in the coffee industry. Notably, 100% of profits from Bali Kintamani coffee, Suaka merchandise, and the CruelTea Tea line support our cause. 


While hurdles momentarily paused us, our spirit and dedication remain unwavering. The partnership with aims to preserve Bali's coffee culture and uplift local farmers.

Despite setbacks, stands strong, advocating for ethical practices and wildlife preservation. Our resilience mirrors our unwavering commitment.

As we navigate challenges, our collaboration with signifies hope. Together, we pave a sustainable future where ethical practices and wildlife conservation thrive.

In essence, though we've faced obstacles, our determination to preserve natural heritage and ethical coffee practices stands firm. The link between and represents our shared vision for a sustainable future in the coffee industry, supporting wildlife and farming communities.

Join us in this remarkable journey, where every cup of coffee contributes to preserving nature's wonders! Thank you for your unwavering support.

 Warm regards,

The Mustache Barista

Owner/ Founder of &